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Carpet Cleaning Frequent Questions – Northern Virginia

Carpet Cleaning Northern Va – Frequently Asked Questions

Carpet Cleaning Frequent Questions Which cleaning method will remove the most dirt, bacteria, allergens, and improve my carpets appearance?
This would largely depend upon who you ask. Those that only dry clean would say dry cleaning is best, those that only offer hot water extraction would say that method is best. At Mighty Clean we offer more than one cleaning method, so after determining the condition of your carpets we select the method that best fits your needs. In a residential setting however, the method that will typically have the greatest improvement is the Hot Water Extraction Method (Steam Cleaning). This method offers the deepest cleaning, best sanitation, most thorough extraction of soils and truly the best overall results. We prefer this method because it is the only carpet cleaning method recommended by many of the major carpet manufactures, including Shaw Industries.

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Filtration Soiling – Black Edges

Filtration Soiling – Ugly gray lines on the edge of carpet

Filtration Soiling - Black EdgesWhat are those dark gray lines on the border of carpeted rooms?

If you have light colored carpet, you have probably noticed these dark lines that appear on the edge of the carpet. These black edges are known as filtration soiling because as air passes through the carpet this microscopic soil is “filtered” out and left in the carpet (hence the name filtration). Over a significant period of time this soil builds up in areas where air is able to pass through the carpet, most commonly around the border of carpeted rooms and under doorways causing black edges.

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