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It is very popular to layer area rugs these days. Many homes have wall to wall carpet and then have one or more area rugs on the carpet for accents. It adds a layer of interest and depth to the room. It does come with its own set of needs though.

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Test Area Rugs

Before you put an area rug on your carpet check to see if it is colorfast. If that deep red area rug gets wet it may bleed the color onto the carpet below it. It is very difficult and usually impossible to remove the stain.

To test for color fastness take a white cloth and dampen it. Rub it against a dark color, red is a good choice. Did the cloth stay white or is it tinged pink or red? If even a small amount tinged your cloth, it is not safe to put the rug on your carpet. You don’t have to spill anything on it for it to run, just humidity may be enough for the rug to bleed onto the carpet.

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