Fall Carpet Cleaning

The leaves are falling and we all know that means the holidays are right around the corner!

If you planning to get your floors cleaned before the holidays, please do not hesitate to give us a call. Thanksgiving week is always busy, and our schedule is starting to get full already! Christmas week is another busy week. If you want to clean during one of those times, please call soon to get on the schedule.


All Flooring Types

Remember, we don’t just clean carpets. We clean carpet, area rugs, tile and grout and wood floors! We are here to help make your house sparkle.

Plants and Carpet

Plants and carpet are a good combination. Plants can help to clean the air and add moisture to a dry home. There are many types of plants that suited to different lighting and home conditions. If you choose to have plants in your home you need to take some precautions to protect your floors and furniture from damage.

Plants and Carpet

Plants and Carpet – Saucers

If you choose to put a potted pot directly on your carpet or other flooring, always put a saucer or basin under it. Plastic is probably the best choice. You want to cut down on any water running out of the pot and onto the flooring. You also want the basin to be non-porous so that water doesn’t condensate on it. The best choice is to elevate the basin and the plant with some type of plant stand or feet. This lets air flow between the plant and the flooring and you can easily notice any spills or condensation.

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How to Properly Vacuum Carpet

Do I Need A HEPA Filter Vacuum?

First you need a decent vacuum, however you do not need to run out and spend several thousand dollars to get a good vacuum cleaner.  Usually $200-$500 will get you a good quality vacuum with HEPA filters.  HEPA stands for high-efficiency particulate air, and YES it worth it.  HEPA Filters trap the microscopic particles that would otherwise be forced out of the vacuum exhaust.  These tiny particles can cause allergies and other health problems, however by using a HEPA filter you trap the harmful particles and improve the indoor air quality for residents in your home.

Now that you have a good vacuum… use it frequently!  How often depends on the number of people in the house, kids, pets, and weather or not anyone is an allergy sufferer.  Anywhere from once a week to everyday, but for most homes every few days is acceptable.

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What Carpet Cleaning Fairfax VA company to choose?

Wondering How to choose between the Carpet Cleaning companies in Fairfax VA?

Residential Carpet Cleaning in Northern Virginia

Residential Carpet Cleaning in Fairfax

Many carpet cleaning Fairfax Va companies will tell you that they have the cheapest price around and can’t be beat. My question to you is… Is price your only concern?

If price is your biggest concern when shopping for any contractor you will likely receive a mediocre job.  You might be surprised to find how much more you get for just a little more money.  Would you spend 10% more to be thrilled with the results Vs. the feeling of “not sure what I just paid for!”.  Also, what happens when something goes wrong or you are completely unsatisfied with the results… will they come back and fix it, will they even return your phone call?

When choosing a contractor (especially a carpet cleaner) check out their reviews online, ask for references, ask a lot of questions about what you can expect.  Just doing a little bit of research can same you a lot of heartache. Carpet cleaning Fairfax VA is an excellent resource for carpet care tips and cleaning information.


Pet Stain Odor Removal

Pet Odor Removal and Pet Stain Removal in Northern VA

Pet Stain Odor Removal

Your family’s lovable pet can be your carpets worst enemy. When mistakes happen it’s time to call Mighty Clean. We can neutralize the odor, remove stains, and prevent more permanent damage that occurs when left untreated.

To ensure that urine stains are properly removed, it is important that you act quickly. If neglected, pet stains can cause dye loss, fabric deterioration and strong odor. However, if treated immediately it is unlikely that there will be any permanent damage.

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8 Questions To Ask Your Carpet Cleaner – Northern Virginia

8 Questions To Ask Your Carpet Cleaner


There are many carpet cleaning companies to choose from, so how do you decide which one to trust with your family’s carpets? Below are a 8 questions to ask your carpet cleaner before letting them in your home.

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Carpet Cleaning Frequent Questions – Northern Virginia

Carpet Cleaning Northern Va – Frequently Asked Questions

Carpet Cleaning Frequent Questions Which cleaning method will remove the most dirt, bacteria, allergens, and improve my carpets appearance?
This would largely depend upon who you ask. Those that only dry clean would say dry cleaning is best, those that only offer hot water extraction would say that method is best. At Mighty Clean we offer more than one cleaning method, so after determining the condition of your carpets we select the method that best fits your needs. In a residential setting however, the method that will typically have the greatest improvement is the Hot Water Extraction Method (Steam Cleaning). This method offers the deepest cleaning, best sanitation, most thorough extraction of soils and truly the best overall results. We prefer this method because it is the only carpet cleaning method recommended by many of the major carpet manufactures, including Shaw Industries.

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Linton Hall Carpet Cleaning – Gainesville, Bristow, Haymarket

Mighty Clean Carpet Care serves all of Northern VA including the cities in the Linton Hall Rd Area of Carpet Cleaning Gainesville VA, Carpet Cleaning Bristow VA, Carpet Cleaning Haymarket VA, and Carpet Cleaning Nokesville VA.

That’s right we love cleaning carpets in the growing area of Linton Hall Rd.  Like many of you we have watched this area grow as many Northern VA residents have moved further away from the big city.  So it’s no surprise that service companies like ours have begun to notice the higher demand in these areas.

We offer our full range of services including Carpet Cleaning, Upholstery Cleaning, Tile and Grout Cleaning, Commercial Carpet Cleaning, Rug Cleaning (in-plant and in-home), and more.  What are you looking at having cleaning today? Do you live or working in Bristow, Gainesville, or Haymarket? Call Mighty Clean Carpet Care for a free quote!


Angie’s List 2013 Best Contractor

Mighty Clean Carpet Care – Angie’s List 2013 Best Contractor


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Best Contractor Award

Mighty Clean Carpet Care received the 2013 Angie’s List BEST Contractor Award. Angie’s List recently released its 2013 BEST and Worst Contractors book for the DC Metro Area in which Mighty Clean Carpet Care was featured in an article interviewing owners Mike Furcron and Kevin Flynn. Mighty Clean Carpet Care was the only Carpet Cleaning firm in the region to receive this award.

This award was given to contractors with a perfect record and a grade A rating, putting Mighty Clean Carpet Care in the top 1% of contractors nationwide! We are always happy to see our hard work recognized when one of our clients post a positive review on sites like Angie’s List. We are very excited to see all the positive feedback hasn’t gone unnoticed by Angie’s List.

We pride ourselves in providing outstanding customer service to our Fairfax carpet cleaning clients and will continue to do so.

Read the full Angie’s List article online at http://www.angieslist.com/articles/washington-dc-best-worst-contractors-2013.htm