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What COLOR are Your Grout Lines?

If you have tile and grout in your home you already know the grout lines are the first to look dirty and the toughest to keep clean. Many of our clients tell us that they don’t even remember the original color of their grout!

The problem is that most grout lines are either completely unprotected or have an insufficient amount of sealer left leaving the grout porous and vulnerable to all sorts of stains, oils, and grime. When your tile and grout was first installed, you likely had a clear sealer applied to the grout lines, however over time foot traffic and regular cleaning has worn away this sealer.

  • By having a professional grade sealer applied after your tile and grout cleaning your grout lines will stay looking clean longer and clean up easier in the future.
  • We offer two types of Grout Sealer, both can and should be applied immediately after cleaning.
  • Grout sealing permanently covers and changes the color of old discolored grout creating a uniform look.
  • Grout sealing repels water and oil based spills making cleaning easy
  • Grout sealing blocks the oily grime and dirt that builds up in kitchens and entryways. making maintenance cleanings easier.
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  • Professional Grade Clear Grout Sealer

    With our professional grade clear grout sealer your grout lines will stay looking clean longer and clean up easier. Our clear sealer penetrates the porous grout lines filling in the microscopic gaps blocking dirt, grime, oil, and water based spills leaving them on top which makes maintenance cleaning easier and more efficient and gives you more time to clean up spills.

  • Grout Color Sealer

    Our tough-as-nails color sealer bonds to your grout to permanently change the color and provide an impenetrable barrier. Dirt, grime, juice, oil, wine and other spills are left on the surface making cleaning and maintaining your tile and grout quick and easy. Old discolored grout lines are permanently covered with the color of your choice to make your grout look brighter and cleaner than the day it was installed.

    Contact us for Grout Color Sealing Today!

  • We Specialize in Grout and Tile Cleaning

    A deep cleaning is essential for a healthy hard surface. To achieve the ultimate level of clean we apply our specialized cleaning products, rinse and repeat! Our products break down grease and oil and remove dirt and other contaminants. Contact us today for a free estimate.