When you move your furniture, you are likely to find that the carpet underneath has dents from the weight of the furniture you just moved. Additionally, you might find that the carpet is a different shade (looks like newer carpet). These are what’s referred to as carpet dents.

There are several ways to help minimize dents on the carpet. The important thing to remember is to be careful not to further damage the carpet.

Move the furniture often: The most effective way to not have carpet dents it to prevent them in the first place. Move your furniture a few inches every couple of months so that it is not resting in the exact same place long enough to make the dents become permanent. Carpet will bounce back if the indention is not created and left for long periods of time.

Make the feet bigger: Another way to help prevent dents is to spread the weight of the furniture over a larger area. Place furniture disks or larger pieces of wood under the feet so that the weight is distributed over a larger area and the dents will be shallower and recover more easily. This works well for couches and beds where the feet are not visible. For tables and chairs, the discs would look out of place.

It’s often better not to take any chances when it comes to your carpet.  If major dents or discoloration have occurred, it is best to call in the professionals to remove dents from your carpet and fix discoloration issues.

Professional cleaning and carpet repair is the best way to get the dent to rise again. Also, the difference in color in the carpet is due to grime and fading, needs to be professionally cleaned to get it looking even and brand new again.

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