Plants and carpet are a good combination. Plants can help to clean the air and add moisture to a dry home. There are many types of plants that suited to different lighting and home conditions. If you choose to have plants in your home you need to take some precautions to protect your floors and furniture from damage.

Plants and Carpet – Saucers

If you choose to put a potted pot directly on your carpet or other flooring, always put a saucer or basin under it. Plastic is probably the best choice. You want to cut down on any water running out of the pot and onto the flooring. You also want the basin to be non-porous so that water doesn’t condensate on it. The best choice is to elevate the basin and the plant with some type of plant stand or feet. This lets air flow between the plant and the flooring and you can easily notice any spills or condensation.

Plants and Carpets – Misting

Most plants benefit for an occasional misting, however; it can cause damage to your floors, wall and furniture. You need to cover the area below the plant and around it when you mist it to keep from getting the carpet and furniture wet.

Plants and Carpets – Damage

The water from a plant can damage your floors and furniture. Water left sitting around the base of a pot can grow mold. Moisture also can cause the carpet fibers to rot. Water on furniture can cause stains. If you notice a spill or damp area, be sure to blot it up as best you can. Do not put the plant back on the area until it is completely dry. Moisture can also react to the type of container and cause different types of stains. Some stains we are able to remove but others may be permanent.

We can help. Call Mighty Clean Carpet Care to remove plants stains from your carpet.