Carpets harbor a surprising amount of debris and germs. Unless they’ve been shampooed and steamed before you moved in, they are highly likely to be dirty and full of grime, even if you can’t see it, including bacteria and fungal spores. This is why adding professional carpet cleaning to the top of your post-moving to-do list is still an important task for your health and comfort.

Here’s what to know, including why it’s so essential that you get your carpets cleaned after moving!

Just How Dirty Are Carpets?

We hate to break it to you, but the carpets in your new home are probably pretty filthy. A recently published report by HomeAdvisor did some digging into the various things hiding within a home’s carpeted floors, and what they found is enough to have anyone putting us on speed dial. According to the report, the average carpet has 30.2 times more germs than refrigerator door handle, 16.4 times more germs than a cellphone, and 5.7 times more germs than a toilet seat!

Benefits of Cleaning Carpets in Your New Home

Getting rid of germs, hair, skin cells, fungal spores, and all the other gross stuff that might be hanging out in your new home’s carpets is a big benefit in itself. But it’s not the only reason to clean carpets after moving.

There are various other benefits to getting a deep cleaning treatment for your carpets before settling in, all of which result in a home that’s both cleaner and more comfortable. Here are three of the big ones, just in case you’re not convinced yet.

  • Cleaning carpets improve air flow and quality: A professional cleaning will remove allergens and keep them out of the air so you can breathe better and cleaner;
  • Cleaning carpets gets rid of odors: Carpet has a tendency to trap odors, which in addition to being unpleasant, can also make your home feel less clean overall. If you clean carpets after moving, you can get rid of those odors and start with a blank slate. This is particularly important to do if pets previously lived in the home; and especially if you have your own pets, since the smell of previous animals could lead to post-move stress.
  • Cleaning carpets improves the overall look of your space: Even without obvious stains, a carpet can still look dirty. Cleaning the carpets in your new home gives them—and you—a totally fresh start, and even older homes will have a little extra sparkle as a result.

Carpet accounts for nearly half of all flooring in the U.S! Clean it right away instead of letting grime and germs continue to build up and you’ll feel comfortable in your home a whole lot sooner.

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