When deciding whether to clean or replace a carpet, you should take into account the carpet’s age and condition, your budget, and other such factors. Some carpets may be beyond what a deep cleaning can do, while others can be thoroughly cleaned to look like new, so replacement is not necessary!

Thorough cleaning can often provide better results than property owners expect. Since new carpeting is more costly than cleaning, we will provide some details to remember when choosing between the two. Remember, a professional carpet cleaning company in Northern Virginia, such as Mighty Clean Carpet Care can really help! We can note the current carpet’s condition and other factors, and offer our expert opinion.

When Should You Take Action? (Signs to Consider)

Carpets and rugs are often the first places that show wear and tear. You may notice fraying, discoloration, or just general deterioration over time. If your carpet is starting to show these signs, it is time to take action.

Another way to tell if your carpet needs to be replaced is by its smell. The fibers could be breaking down and the backing could be deteriorating. But, your carpet could smell for a variety of other reasons and a deep cleaning could make your carpet smell clean and fresh! Many carpet cleaning professionals offer odor-neutralizing services along with cleaning. This service can remove musty or otherwise unpleasant smells from carpets and rugs.

Lastly, how old is the carpet? High-quality rugs should last 10 years or so. If your carpeting is well within its expected lifespan, cleaning can keep it looking new for years. Also, note the carpet materials. Wool, cotton, polyester, and nylon are durable and should also last a good decade. Unless the carpet is a delicate silk blend, don’t assume it needs replacing after just a few years.

Try Professional Carpet Cleaning First

Carpet cleaning experts can usually remove ground-in dirt and other debris from carpet. Steam cleaning also restores carpet fibers and nap. In turn, the carpets look and feel “fluffier” and softer underfoot.

Once your carpet is cleaned, making some changes around your property can keep carpets cleaner after shampooing. For instance, an air filter can keep dust from settling onto your carpets. Welcome mats by entryways can also remove dirt from shoes before you walk on those carpets. These simple changes are cheaper than new carpet installation.

For all these reasons, consider professional carpet cleaning before you shop around for replacement rugs! You might be surprised at the result we can offer for your property.

Call Mighty Clean Carpet Care for Your Northern Virginia Carpet Cleaning Needs!

If you just have a few stains or you think your carpet just needs a good cleaning, you may be able to extend its life for a while longer, if you call in the professionals. At Mighty Clean Carpet Care, we offer Residential Carpet Cleaning Services in Northern Virginia. When it’s time for a carpet cleaning, be sure to call Mighty Clean for fast and friendly service at (703) 373-7444.