How to Maintain Clean Commercial Carpets In Between Professional Cleanings

Have you recently had your commercial carpets cleaned or are you getting ready to do so? If you want your commercial carpets to maintain their fresh, clean appearance in between cleanings, there are things you can do to get the most life out of your carpet and to ensure the healthiest possible environment for everyone […]

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Why Hire Carpet Cleaning Professionals After a Flood

When a flood has damaged your property’s carpeting, it’s important to take action quickly. This is especially true if you run a business where employees or customers use the carpet on a daily basis. Your first instinct may be to clean the carpet yourself or to rip it up and replace it with a new […]

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Five Signs Your Carpet Needs a Professional Cleaning

A professional carpet cleaning is one of those things every home and business owner knows they should have done regularly, but often end up putting off. Ideally, residential carpets should be cleaned once every year and commercial carpets every 6 months (or more, depending on your business). If you keep up with routine carpet maintenance […]

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How to Know When Your Furniture Needs Upholstery Cleaning

Anyone with children or pets knows that furniture can be vulnerable to spills, dirt, oils and other contaminants. We spend much of our time relaxing on couches, sofas, chairs, and other furniture making memories that often involve food, drinks, stains, and grime.  With countless spills, paw prints, and quality naps, our favorite chairs and couches […]

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